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Our Products:

New Copiers:  From small Desktop to larger Workgroup Machines- From B & W to Color- We can help you with any Office Copier need you may have.  Today’s Kyocera Copiers are MFP’s- Multi-Functional Products, as in addition to being Copiers, they also are Printers & High Speed Scanners- All with options to add Faxing too.

Lease Return Copiers: We also specialize in “Lease Return” Machines.  These Machines are not the same as those advertised as “Refurbished”, since we will NOT buy any Machine that NEEDS to be Refurbished in the FIRST place.  The ONLY Machine we will consider selling as used is one that WE placed when it was new. These Machines that we place originally, we then have under our Maintenance care the entire time of the Lease Agreement.  So, when our Customer upgrades to a new Machine, we watch for those with incredibly low volumes and buy only them.  These “Lease Return” Machines haven’t even come close to their first “Oil Change” interval yet (aka- PM, or Preventative Maintenance Cycle).  A few of our Lease Return Machines haven’t even had their original TONER replaced yet.  These are the rare “Cherry” MFP’s (Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax) Machines that are available generally for HALF the cost of new with VERY low “miles” or numbers of Prints on them.  These represent a tremendous value for our Customers

Scanners:  We provide High Speed Desktop Scanners for our Clients who have the need for serious Document archival.  These Machines have Document Feeders capable of holding 500 Pages at a time, will Scan Documents up to 11” x 17” at speeds of 140 ppm/280 ipm.

Printers:  Kyocera’s line of Printers- B & W or Color are not only affordable to acquire- They are extremely affordable to run.  We have Kyocera’s full line.

Our Services:

Business Apps:  We specialize in Kyocera’s Business Applications, helping our Clients solve Document Flow issues they have in their Business.

DMConnect– Our Clients LOVE the ability to Scan to their Folders-   wherever they may be, Drilling down to the Folder they want to Store their Scanned Document in; Name their Scanned Docs on the Fly- Automatically; Skip all Blank Pages; OCR the Scans to create a Searchable PDF; Scan to a Email choice(s); Add a Bates Stamp- and more- All with a touch of a single button within this powerful App.

PinPoint Scan– EASY, Reliable Scan to Folder, Scan to Email, Scan to the Cloud; Scan to YOUR Folders.  No I.T. Skills required to Configure or Maintain.

Mobile Print-Print From and Scan To your Mobile Device- Phone or   Tablet; iPhone or Android.

Cloud Connect – Easily Print To or Scan From the Cloud.

Service Your Kyocera:  We have honed our Service over our 27 Years now, in combination with Kyocera’s Fleet Services, to where OUR Customers now enjoy amazing personalized Service that allow them to remain focused on THEIR Business, while we take Care of their Kyocera for them.  In brief, Fleet Services is a Tool that allows all of our Customer’s Kyocera equipment to be connected for Remote Monitoring.  This allows us to offer such specialized Services like:

  • We know our Customers are Low on Toner before THEY Do. We then send a Note to the Touch Screen Panel of their Copier, alerting them that the needed Toner is in route to them.  They received the needed Toner, without ever having to know that they were getting low. This includes Toner by Color, in the case of a Color Copier/Printer.
  • We know that our Customers may be having an issue with their Kyocera Machine before THEY do.This includes if the Machine had a Service Code, if it Jammed, or if it had an error on the Touch Screen.  We can then remote into the Machine and make the needed fix to it, all before they even knew there was a problem.
  • Firmware (Software) Updates- These are now done overnight, remotely. Formerly, these would require that the Machine would be down for as much as an hour and since they always would require a visit from a Technician, they had to be done during the middle of your Business day.  Now, our Customers don’t even know we’ve done it. We just handled it overnight- Seamless & Transparent, in keeping with our Core Values.

As amazing as Fleet Services is- (And it is AMAZING!  Our Customers LOVE it!)- We still do show up for personal Service to replace worn Parts, to Clean your Machine and to fix anything that can’t be done remotely.  While the Industry “standard” for such Calls is 4 working hours- We are proud that our Customers enjoy MUCH quicker average Response Times that this.

Service Other Printers or Copiers:  Didn’t get your Printer or Copier from us?  We still love ya’! …… And, we’ll gladly come and give you and your Machine the same care and attention that our Customers have come to think of as normal- Even if you don’t (yet) have a Kyocera.  We’ll gladly come help you with any issues you may be having on your HP, Lexmark, Epson or Oki Printer- Or whatever Copier Brand you may have.  We just want you to be happy and we’d love the opportunity to earn your Biz and to show you how Relationships still matter at CBM.

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