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Salem Oregon Law Firms Lovin’ New Kyocera Scanning App – Commercial Business Machines

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Law Firms in the Salem area are Lovin’ their new Kyocera Scanning App ….. AND Commercial Business Machines Super Tech- Sean

“We’ll go with the Kyocera Ta-6053ci Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax that you’re Proposing, Gregg, BUT, You have to promise that as a part of the Deal you will still send (our CBM Technician) Sean out to check in on us once in a while!”

This is the seemingly odd request made by Jill Tachell, Office Manager of a VERY prominent Keizer Law Firm as they made their final decision on which new Kyocera Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax Machine they would choose from CBM recently. Jill’s Office has been a Customer of ours for most of a Decade, but it had always been with a Mono, (or Black & White), Kyocera Copier/Scanner/Printer/Fax Machine- And, always with a Kyocera Copier that had the most basic of Scanning abilities at that. BUT, what HAD grown over time was a Relationship with their CBM Technician- Sean DuRée……. And they were simply NOT willing to surrender that- No matter HOW good the new Kyocera was! I could tell that Jill was not being funny- NOPE!  She was absolutely dead serious!  It was Sean with the Deal…… Or- There’d be no Deal!  Gulp!  I pondered (very quickly, mind you! :-)how even though we count on a significant reduction in Labor Cost with the installation of each of these new Kyocera Color Copiers, (owing to how stunningly reliable they are), I would be quite happy to make such a concession.  It was actually an amazing compliment!   (Congratulations, SEAN!  Robbie and I are VERY proud of You!)  We are all about Relationships.  Actually, they are what we provide, by way of some stunning technology that does make Office life WAY easier.

Ironically, it’s what’s happened SINCE we’ve installed Jill’s new Kyocera Ta-6053ci Color Copier that has been nothing short of amazing!……. I mean, Jill and her Office have been pretty big Fans of Kyocera (and, obviously of SEAN’S too! :-)for a long time now, but- HOLY SMOKES- The new Kyocera Ta-6053ci Color Copier Technology – (ESPECIALLY with the DMConnect Scanning App I’d worked SO diligently to talk them into) – Had caused Jill and her Staff to actually wish they’d have made the decision to upgrade much sooner!  I’m SOOO glad that I’m NOT one to say- “I told ya’ so, Jill!”  Just a little humor there, Jill…… Okay, VERY little!

In keeping with our Negotiated Agreement, I sent Sean out to check in on how Jill was doing and to make any needed changes to the Custom “Workflows” we had built for them in DMConnect, Kyocera’s AMAZING Scanning Application.  I also stopped in to see how they were doing with their new Copier.  While there, I asked Jill what she thought of their new Kyocera.  She kindly shared several specific things that the new Kyocera Copier did, each of which dramatically improved their day to day operations.  I couldn’t write fast enough, as I made notes of what she was saying.  Here are some of the specific things that Jill Loves about her new Kyocera~

  • Before- Since Jill’s office only had a Mono (black & white) Kyocera, they had to Copy/Print Color photos (such as property damage and injuries) as well as Print Color Documents (such as demand letters) on their small individual workstation Inkjet printers. Printing Color Documents and Photos on an Inkjet was laborious, especially if Photo Paper was used – Taking MINUTES to print each pageCopying Color Photos on an Inkjet with no top feeder was even more laborious- Each one done…. One. At. A. Time. Each one placed under the platen glass….. One. At. A. Time.  Adding insult to injury, these methods also meant frequent replacement (Translation- Purchase!) of expensive Color ink cartridges!  This process took time, was a hassle- And was expensive.  (WOW!!  What a combo! – Slow, a Hassle AND Expensive!  Glad that’s not the claim for OUR Products!  Okay, this part is my commentary 😉
  • Now- Jill and Staff can Print the same Color Documents & Photos- At 55 PPM; At 1200dpi and when the job requires, even using Heavy Photo Paper that is run right out of one of the normal Paper Trays (it is not required to use the Multi-Purpose Tray for Photo Paper).The Kyocera then automatically Collates the Color Prints produced into the remainder of the Document- All automatically.  Copying Color Documents on the new Kyocera (vs. the workstation Inkjets) is also lightning fast by comparison!  This saves Jill and her Staff a considerable amount of time.  NICE!!  (Yep!  That was me again! 🙂
  • Before-Everyone in the Office could Scan to Folders that were on their computer desktops. This was okay- Better than before 10 years ago….. Uhhmm… Maybe 15 years ago.  BUT, it did create its own set of problems too. Jill called it her electronic “File Pile” (this was in addition, of course, to the physical paper file piles), but everything that was Scanned went to a “Scanned Docs Folder”- And each with a goofy numeric file name created by the Copier/Scanner as each Doc was Scanned and sent to the PC.  So, the only way to know what each File actually WAS, would be to Open each Document, (one at a time), re-name it (after rediscovering what it was!), and then cut/move it into each Client’s electronic directory (or Folder).  This was such a tedious process that Scanned Docs would frequently sit in the electronic “File Pile” for quite some time.  (Uhhmm….. If ya’ don’t have immediate access to the Docs you Scan, with them located in the Folder they ultimately belong in AND if they’re not named properly…… Then- What’s the point of Scanning them in the first place?  Okay- I GUESS……IF the Building burned down, as long as there’s off-site storage, (which they do have), there’d be access to these Scanned Docs, in one big Electronic Pile, of sorts- but WOW!  It still seems to miss the main point of the process.  Okay, this is my commentary too.  Jill did NOT say this part!)
  • Now- NOW…… AHHHHH! Life CAN be better!  Enter DMConnect, Kyocera’s AMAZINGLY Powerful Scanning App…… (The one I struggled to talk them into!  DOH!  MORE commentary! 😉  But, after watching a couple of the short Videos that Sean and I had made demonstrating how DMConnect could change the entire way they do Biz with Docs to be Scanned- They said YES!  Here’s a Pic of Jill, standing in front of her brand new Kyocera Ta-6053ci Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax, with its QWERTY Keyboard right there on the Copier.  Don’t they look good together?

    Jill Tachell with her new Kyocera Ta-6053ci Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax

    ~ BONUS- MORE “NOW”– Just ONE of DMConnect’s “Workflows” is configured to:

    • Display a list of their Client Folders from which they may choose to store the Docs in that they’ll be Scanning. (BTW- They can drill down to any existing sub-folders.)
    • Allow the Staff to Name the Doc to be Scanned right at the Copier, before Scanning, using a real Keyboard- Not a touch-screen version, but one very much like I’m using at my PC to type this Blog.
    • Remove Blank Pages automatically. This requires Zero Buttons to be pushed to make this happen. NOW, it no longer matters if there are single sided AND two sided Docs in the pile to be Scanned.  DMConnect AUTOMATICALLY removes ALL Blank Pages. This is a HUGE benefit that all who have it LOVE!
    • Convert the Scanned Doc into a Searchable PDF. DMConnect(Powered by Omni Page OCR) will indeed OCR each Scanned Doc and create a Searchable PDF. Simple search ability and therefore, compliance with the requirement of many Courts.
    • Jill’s specific comment about using DMConnect now versus her File Pile method was- “Overall it drastically reduces our time spent on electronic filing.

    (BTW- We’re adding a Video Channel to our Website here very soon where you will be able to see for yourself how the Kyocera App’s will benefit YOUR Office. We’re beginning with DMConnect and PinPoint Scan for now.  In FACT, many of these Videos are already done, but you’ll need the secret “Bat Code” {Dating myself, I KNOW!} to access them.  Please reach out to me if you’d like to check out any of these short Videos and I’ll be happy to share the secret to access them now, until we’re done polishing them & are ready to make them public. 🙂

    • Before- Owing to the nature of the cases handled at their law firm,a copy of the Client’s driver’s license and insurance card are required to be in each Client File. The challenge was always that they would frequently need to Copy the Front AND the Back of these small, but very important Docs- And they wanted to have these Copies of both the Front and the Back to be on only the Front of ONE piece of Paper.  This was a tedious and complicated process to figure out how to accomplish this chore manually, requiring the Copy Paper be run through the Machine manually a 2ndtime- DON’T get it in backwards….. Or upside down…… Or you’d get to start all over again!  DOH!!
    • Now- The new Kyocera has an “ID Card Copying” Feature, which allows Jill and her Staff to very easily Scan the Front of these small ID Cards, turn them over and then Scan the Back of the same Cards. The Copier then will then Print both the Front & Back images onto ONE side of a piece of paper.  What was tedious and complicated is now easy-peasy.  AHHH!!
    • Before- Sometimes the Pictures Clients provide are on their Mobile devices. This would always present a challenge, where they’d normally ask the Client to Text or Email these Pics to a Staff member who’d download them to their PC, then head to an Inkjet Printer, with a large cup of Coffee and an even larger dose of patience.
    • Now- Using a free Kyocera App called “Mobile Print” and the built in Wi-Fi that the new Ta-6053ci has, these same Pics can be Printed directly to the Kyocera by either the Client, or by Maribel. She’s Jill’s Front Desk Manager and is the one who deals with the Client’s Pictures most often.  This simple ability has saved a huge amount of time….. And hassle.
      After chatting with Jill about the above benefits of her new Kyocera, I left to head back to the Office, feeling pleased that once again, we had made a difference in a Customer’s business and at the same time, that we had deepened our Relationship with a truly great Customer. I felt deeply fulfilled.  Then, my Phone began to buzz with the receipt of a Text Message.  Below is a Screen Shot of the exact Text Thread from that evening, after I had left from visiting Jill’s Office that Friday a few weeks ago.  I simply cannot say it any better than Jill did.  Thanks, Jill.

    P.S.  Jill- Sean is always available for you.  Thanks so much for being such a great Customer.  We are blessed to have YOU!

    Fondly, Gregg & Robbie Lawrence …….. AND Sean- Your Super Tech!


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