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Love our new Multi-Bin Mailbox, because my Print Job doesn’t get mixed up with the Staff’s as I print the Kids “Character Quality Certificates” – Now in Awesome Color; PinPoint’s Scan to Email, so I can easily send an Accident Report to a Parent before the Child even gets Home; How Easy it is to Name our Forms at the Copier that we Store in the Machine’s Custom Box for instant Retrieval & Print on Demand; and How Sean, our Technician from CBM was able to “Remote” into my Kyocera Ta-5052ci using Kyocera’s “RemotePanel” to Set-Up a Shortcut for Copying Colored Originals Perfectly Every Time ~ Marilyn Powell- Office Manager, Albany Christian School

Character Award

It was just last week when I stopped in to Albany Christian School (ACS) to drop off some Toner for Marilyn when she shared these specific things with me.  Although they are one of our most long-standing Customers, their recently installed Kyocera Ta-5052ci- A 50PPM Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/(AWESOME Machine) is ACS’s & Marilyn’s first Color Machine.  They’ve always had B & W (or Monochrome) Machines before and for the last decade or so, they had added a standalone Kyocera Color Printer.  We can’t remember how many Mono Copiers they’ve had from us over the last 20 plus years, as our records no longer go back that far, but they’ve had LOTS of them from us!  So when Marilyn began sharing her thoughts with me as to the things that the Color Ta-5052ci has specifically made easier for her- Well, I started making notes as fast as I could write!  One of the things they wrestled with as they were deciding, was whether to add the Multi-Bin MailBox to their Stapling/Hole Punching Finisher- They did opt to add it, but they were kinda’ nervous to do so and felt it was a bit of a risk.  They just weren’t sure they’d USE it!  NOW, it was the 1stthing Marilyn spoke of in appreciation.  Here’s what Marilyn shared with me about the MailBox- And about a few other things regarding her new Kyocera Color Copier too:

  • “I Print Character Quality Certificatesfor our Kids, now in awesome Color! But, it takes me throughout the day to complete this project, so, I just send each one to my specific MailBox as I complete it. That way, when the Staff comes to use the Machine throughout the day, whether for Copying or Printing, their Jobs come out without getting all mixed up with mine!  It’s great! My Certificates are waiting for me in my MailBox and the Staff gets what they want too!”
  • “When a child falls on the playground, it’s important that we contact the Parents quickly with a Report. We have an Accident Report& now, using PinPoint’s Scan to Email, I can so easily send the Accident Reportto the Parent and know that they’ll have it long before their Child even gets Home! It’s great, because it’s SO Easy- and SO Fast!”
  • “This Copier (Ta-5052ci) has a real Keyboard right at the Machine!” (It also has a big Hard Drive, allowing Marilyn to Scan & Store commonly used Documents) “So, we are able to Scan & Store all of our commonly used Documents, naming them as we go, using the Keyboard to easily name them- For Example, in our Assessment Folder, we have an ‘Assessment for Grades 1-8’ & an ‘Assessment for Kindergarten’.  Then, in the Library Folder, we have a ‘Lost Book Form’ & a ‘Late Book Form’.  These and more will make it easier for Barbara (Marilyn’s replacement) to produce these for the Staff & Parents as needed, (aka- on Demand) without having to go to the PC and look for them.  They’re all stored right on the Copier in one easy to find place- Called the ‘Custom Box’ ”
  • “We have Color Documents that our Staff use. But, when they would Copy them, they were dark enough that the Copies would come out with a hazy background. I knew there was a way to program the Machine to deal with these, but what was amazing was that we didn’t even have to wait for Sean (ACS’s Technician from CBM) to come in and make the programming change.  He was able to Remote into our Ta-5052ci using something called ‘Remote Panel ’.  We did have to authorize his access to our Machine, but once we did, he made a Shortcut Key for us in minutes and it was DONE!  SO Easy!  I also appreciate being able to Email Sean and have him be able to fix the problem remotely!!  That also is huge!!!  I just appreciate all of you at CBM!!”

Marilyn PowellRobbie had received a report from Kyocera’s Fleet Services, the Remote Monitoring Utility Program, saying that Marilyn’s Machine was getting low on Black Toner, so I had volunteered to drop it off.  Unlike over the last 20+ years, before Fleet Services, when Marilyn needed Toner- She didn’t need to keep track of it and then call us to order it….. In FACT, when I arrived with her Toner, she told me that she didn’t even know she was running low!  I was amazed, but pleased that our Fleet ServicesProgram was working as designed!  WE remained focused on Marilyn’s Machine and its needs- SHE remained focuses on what matters to her- The 175 Kids at Albany Christian School- Just as it should be.

Marilyn has been a treasure of ACS for the past 24 years.  She’s now seen kids who themselves have gone through the School now grow up- And now have kids of their OWN that attend the School.  I’m not sure this had anything to do with her decision, but either way, sadly next year the Kids who attend ACS will not have the privilege of being Loved on by Marilyn each day as they see her in the Office.  Sadly, she’s retiring at the end of this School Year.

The Kids and Staff are not the only ones who will feel the loss, as we all at CBM are heartsick, as Relationships are what we “Sell” here at CBM- by way of some incredible Kyocera Copiers/Printers & Scanners- But, candidly, everyone knows that they can get a Copier from almost anywhere.  What they CANNOT get anywhere else- is the deep Relationships that are simply “Who We Are”- And not “what we do” here at CBM.   To the extent that our Customers want to have a Relationship/Friendship with all of us here at CBM- It simply is a “Part of the Deal” that comes with their Copier/Printer/Scanner.  That’s what allows for them to Text, Call, Email or FB Messenger us even after hours for help.  They don’t abuse the privilege (part of the same Relationship deal 🙂 and because we REALLY DO care that their needs are met- Whenever they occur- We look forward to the chance to respond.  These opportunities are rare, but they do provide us a chance to distinguish ourselves from our Corporate Cookie Cutter Competitors.  (CCCC’s)  They may be well meaning folks, but in most big organizations the FIRST thing to go out the window- Are Relationships.

We will SOOO miss Marilyn next year, but we wanted to wish her well in her retirement and also to thank her for all the years we’ve had the privilege of being her Copier Vendor- And her Friends. We’ll do our best to take care of her replacement- Barbara- with the same level of Service that you came to expect, Marilyn.  We want to make you proud that you so consistently steered ACS our way.  GOSH, We will miss you!!  We have sad hearts, but we are SO proud to be able to say that you are our Friend-

Fondly, Gregg & Robbie Lawrence …….. AND Sean- Your Super Tech!