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Commercial Business Machines Core Business Values

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As Local, Passionate Professionals, We Provide Solutions – Not Simply Products

  • You do not need to become an Office Machine expert in order to make a good business decision when you need an Office Machine and the solutions it provides.Rather, you only need to choose the one local provider made up of “Passionate Professionals”.From the President to the Receptionist, this Vendor consists of a Team that is truly Passionateto bridge the gap between the OFFICE MACHINES they provide and the DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS their clients require- All while being locally responsive to their Client’s individual needs.  Most folks already know that in the long run they will not benefit by choosing any of the Mega-Companies with their Corporate Cookie-Cutter approach as they expect YOU to fit into THEIR system; Or their 1-800-Who-Knows-Where, For English Press “1”, DMV style Take-a-Number service; Or their service dispatching that’s based out of some other City or even some other State.  Rather, most know that the best choice is a Locally based Company with a willingly accountable Owners and a Staff who have a long history (over 30 years) of Serving the Community.  Gregg & Robbie are those Owners, who made their careers serving and CBMis yourVendor, full of Passionate Professionals.

We Make Our Solutions “Seamless & Transparent”

  • We understand that our clients need to focus on theirbusiness, not ours.That’s why we were early adopters of the Kyocera Fleet Services, a Web Based, live, 24/7 method of Monitoring your Equipment. From your Desktop Printers, to any Departmental Monochrome MFP’s or even to a larger Production Color MFP- We track them all, Monitoring each one’s performance live.  So, we’ll know of any need for Toner, likely before you do….. And then we’ll have it in route to you, sending a Note to the Operation Panel of your Kyocera, advising you that your Toner is in Route!  We’ll also know of any issues your Machine may have…… And we’ll be able to resolve many of them remotely- Likely from your Technician’s Phone.  Again, often before you even know about it.  If a Service Call is required, we can also send a note to the Operation Panel on your Kyocera, alerting you that- “We’re on it & in route.”  Also, there’s no more down time for Firmware (Software) Updates- Those are done remotely and overnight now.  All of this and more, allows us to help keep YOU focused on YOUR Biz and not on your Printers or Copiers/Scanners, which makes our Products & Services truly “Seamless & Transparent”.

We Consistently Earn and Maintain the Trust of Our Clients

  • Through successfully achieving our goals above, we consistently earn the trust of our clients. We create loyalty from our clients by serving them faithfully, exceeding their expectations throughout our relationship so that they wouldn’t even consider changing vendors. In fact, they’ve told our competitors that they can’t afford to risk changing vendors, as they consistently receive such awesome Service from CBM.  Choosing any other vendor would involve a sizeable risk- And it’s simply not worth that risk.